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you could win up to a box of corn seed
Predict Dan Funk’s finishing time at the Lifetime Unbound Gravel 200 Mile Bike Race in Emporia, Kansas on June 1, 2024.

We're passionate about agriculture and helping to create a greater chance of success for you.

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Farming isn’t just a job. It's a passion. And it's about having fun.


We Believe In

American Farmers

The common bond this community has is not just the practice of farming, but the values that stretch across the generations who came before them. We share these values as well. The following beliefs guide every action we take.

We Believe In


Quality applies to how we look at and evaluate everything: from germination standards, product lineups, vendors, and our people. The quality of our seed is the root of what we stand for. It's a Funk family commitment since 1859.

We Believe In


An easy word to say, but a challenging value to live up to. Our word is our bond and the proof is in our action. We stand for what is right, 100% of the time. Some may argue this is an old-school way of thinking. We take that as a compliment.

We Believe In


We partner with our customers and provide solutions they ask for. Our common-sense solution is to hire talented, committed people to go the extra mile for you. It's our team's company to make or break and our success will only happen if we all achieve it together.

We Believe In


We're proud of our role in agriculture and our greatest reward is serving our customers. We wake up every morning to create value for you, not create profits for Midwest Seed. Above all, we take pride in being an independent company that serves American farm families

We Believe In


The only office we have is the one we drive to your farm. We've built our company differently by listening to what people ask for. We invest in customers, not offices. We're nimble, we're fast, and with you every step of the way.

We Believe In


Agriculture is an all-consuming life of hard work, persistence and sacrifice. It's not easy. But working with us should be easy - and fun. Having fun unlocks new value, discovers new ideas and creates lifetime memories.

We Believe In


Trust isn't something you can say on a website and expect people to believe you. It's something that's earned, season after season. Our intention, above all, is to do what's right for you, our customers. Because the only shareholders we worry about are yours.

We Believe In


If we help you succeed, we believe you will take us with you. Our job is to listen to the inspiration you provide.

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